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Disclaimer, warning or whatever it is: This post is going to trigger the sensitive you. If you have any sensitive nerves in you, skip it. Otherwise, I am talking about all the things that I have encountered so far.

Right, now that you have come this far, I shall start off with weight. The most sensitive issue among humans.

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It could also mean the shape of your bodies. Body positivity has been the trend for a while. It may or may not be the trend again. However, we are talking about all the body shapes in the world and how clothes are standardised. Companies do not have to customise the clothes since the machines can’t possibility waste time adjusting to each size and shape all the time.

We are talking about people promoting big butts, big breasts, small chests, round waists, flat tummies, fat arms, thin arms, thick thighs, thin thighs and everything related to the body. When an influencer talks about losing weight with their own techniques, techniques that work for them and probably their age, one does want to try it out. When the results are not seen as claimed in 4 weeks, we say the influencer was stating false claims.

Look at their ages for those who have lost the weights. Are they in their 20s when the metabolism is running higher? If so, the older ones will have to or may have to use other methods to lose the weight.


There have been a lot of flake on celebrities receiving flakes for having wrinkles. How old are they? Mostly in their 50s to 70s and they get blamed for looking their ages and with wrinkles? You mean only celebrities have a fountain of youth to drink from? They can never die?


Seriously, I don’t care who you are. I am fed up with the pronouns that I have to use and how would I know if you are a CIS, Straight, Hetero, Bi, Lesbian, Gay or what? Just live your lives. Yes, the world is cruel to those who don’t conform to the majority and it has always been this way like since humans began on earth.

Dress Code

Seriously, stop. Women get more flake on how to dress than men. You show cleavage, you are a prostitute or slut. Show butt cheeks and you are also drawing attention. You should smile, said random men. Catcalls are showing appreciation to how attractive you look.

Boys will be boys, said people when the girls get their bodies touched. Parents or guardians of boys ought to teach those boys how to keep it in their pants. You don’t just tease girls by pulling their hairs, unzipping them, unhook bras and touch them everywhere just because you want to show your “love”.

Who are the tailors? Men. So, who should be dictated on how women are dressed? If the clothes are designed by men, then aren’t they the ones who have thoughts in the head rather than the women who have no other clothes to buy than those clothes are being sold?

Salary Gap

Why do women get paid less when they are the ones who still have to buy tons of things? Makeup, home appliances, clothes for the family and many other things. Do you really think that women like to ask husbands for money to buy stuff? Maybe some do, but I don’t. I want to buy things for myself without depending on others. I don’t like my purchases to be questioned, “Why do you eat so much snacks?”

Look here, you want to with a banshee’s hormones or do you want to live peacefully without being murdered in your sleep just because you don’t like snacks? If a wife tells you that the house needs repairs and you just acknowledge without action, don’t complain when the wife just ask for your credit card to buy and pay for the repairs.

You want to feel the man in your home, pay for those things when she said that they need to be repaired. If you want a peaceful life, either pay women who want to work the salary that is for the job or pay for the stuff at home.

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