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I blog about the following at random times.


What is life? Why are some people so difficult to get along with? Why are some people so insistent about how things must work in a certain way?


Why do the trains break down so easily? Why can’t I just take a bus to the destination? Why must I change trains, bus just to get to one place? Why is the place so near and yet so far? I must take a train just to get there or walk a sweat.


Why do I need to wear shoes? Ok, I love shoes as long as they don’t give me blisters. Why must this place be so cold that I have to bring jacket every time? Why are some clothes so sheer that I need extra coverage? Why are some clothes not to my size or in the colours that I like? Why is that bag not easily available?


Why do some shops sell the same items at such a huge difference? How can I buy this item at a cheaper rate? Why is this item not sold in Singapore?


How can I start freelancing? What skills can I share and attract people?


I appreciate it when you buy me a mocha.