Random Thoughts

Replacing Xerox Ink Cartridges

As someone who likes to print out stuff, I find that Xerox has pretty good outputs. Thus, there is a need to replace the cartridges once the ink runs out. You can’t print anything when the ink tank is dried. … read more


Fox and Rabbit of Descendants of The Sun

And so, I have yet to watch the popular drama of the year, Descendants of the Sun. That’s when someone introduced to me the soft toy. These are super cute. The fox and the rabbit. Who knew that a fox … read more



Updating My Skills

I’ve taken a long time to update my skills. Got caught up with jobs and family so much so that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to attend courses. Obviously, the money has to come from somewhere and courses these … read more

Health and Fitness

That Freak Accident That Changed My Family

It is coming to a year since my sister got into this freak accident that cost her a lot. Not just money. Her life The way she walks because of amputated toes and almost half the foot left Her job … read more


Great to Travel Around

Ah, travelling, who doesn’t love travelling? Except when it’s for business for your boss. The feeling is different when you travel for work and leisure. I have not travelled to many countries. I still miss Gold Coast, Australia. The nights … read more