Why Management Should be Concerned With Toxic Employees

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When I first started working, my parents taught me to be loyal to the company. So, I was but when it came to the economic downturn, I learned that loyalty to the company meant nothing to the company at all. I find this commentary concerning, to put it mildly.

Retrenchment came and it was a stressful time. No matter what phase of life one is at, without a job for the future, it is stressful because money is always going to be used. When the person has been retrenched, the company just pay the compensation but the company will not look after the ex-employee until that person has found a job, right? So, what is the concern here?

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If one wants to take on a second or third job, be responsible. That’s how to let the employers know that you are responsible. With more than one job, there is some sort of assurance when there is a downturn, at least one has at least 1 job that still pays.

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I have worked at many places and there is always one toxic employee. If that employee is in the middle management and knows how to curry favours, the rest of the team under this person is doomed. The team will disband over time and the turnover rate may vary.

Not everyone understands the quote below.

Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business

Why is it so difficult to do the above? Humans being humans are ultimately selfish. We work for ourselves or our families. We don’t work for others. The main thing companies care about is always the bottom line. It is never about the people who will come and go. However, which business is truly long-lasting and can withstand the test of time for more than 100 years? Not many.

Hence, looking after the employees is important. Not to say that the company has to bend its back to cater for ridiculous reasons like paid holiday trips annually. That is the employee being entitled. Basic necessities of the employees like paid leaves and medical leaves are definitely a must.

A lot has been said about toxic employees/environment but not all are being taken care of despite the sub Reddit in Pro Revenge or Malicious Compliance. Obviously, it is always satisfying to read such stories and see the culprits being punished by karma or something.

The top management should be more concerned with the toxic workplace and employees because it doesn’t look good in the long run when the company’s name is tarnished just because of such people. Glassdoor reviews exist for a reason and you won’t want your name to be dragged in the mud.

When ex-employees suffer from mental health reasons due to the toxic bullying, the money that comes from the salary is no longer worth working in the company that created this stress.

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