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So, recently I got into playing with AI Image generators. That’s because I can’t draw or use Adobe Photoshop and Gimp without searching for help. In addition, there were some images that I had in mind that I wanted to see if the AI could understand my words.

So, I tested the free accounts. It was not worth it if I were to pay the subscription and end up with the generators not performing to par or to my expectations.

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I tested out Stable Diffusion, Leonardo AI and Gemini. It was fun with Gemini because there was no limits to the number of images that I wanted, however, it started to get frustrating because when the senators started clamping down on tech companies, the AI started to be a prude and I kept seeing more texts that stated that it was unable to generate images that depicted harm, cruelty to animals and ultimately, no humans.
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Stable Diffusion was fun at first because there was no limits and I didn’t have to create an account and suddenly, it forced me to create an account and I was given a credit of 10 to generate images. The images were better than Gemini.

Leonardo AI was fun because it gave me a daily 150 tokens to generate images and I could generate decent looking images. However, there were some weird generations and I cannot figure out why it doesn’s seem to understand sentences.

Overall, I had fun with these generators and will play with them more until I can find my own prompts and descriptions to generate my ideas.

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