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We are such hypocrites. We were taught to be mindful of currying favours. We were told that nothing good comes out from stepping on people. We have seen so many “Karen” stories and received almost immediate karma from being such demanding and illogical people.

Yet, at work, we have to polish apples or curry favour just to make sure that our jobs are intact. We have to ensure that we have the favour and in order to be in that award list on an annual basis on the pretext of being in a team while the individual name is not printed on the board. I see one such person who keeps getting the award one way or another despite using mouth power to do his job.

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He speaks about not taking other people’s credits while stealing mine. He speaks about how bad some people are while behaving exactly the same way. He speaks about a lot of things that he has been doing for the past few years in order for him to take over the role that he craves for. I don’t know if he really thinks that he can handle the role because this role is not just about using mouth power. It’s about planning and thinking and foresight is a bonus. Without foresight, everything crumbles down.

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So far, he has displayed the lack of capabilities to be handling this role, yet, he is given this role because the person is leaving and he is the apple of the higher management’s eyes. What is the point of being taught values in schools when we don’t practice them at work?

We have to wear masks at work so that we get to keep our jobs. Some are ultra good at winging it. The real way to get promoted as shown at my workplace.

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