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I have been fighting at work. The work to ensure that everything runs accordingly and trying to put out fires when people just don’t want to follow the SOP for the technical procedures.

I have no authority to do things and when things go wrong, the head boss expects me to be the ICT Deity all of a sudden. One simple example was to expect me to stop the spam. Look, you were the one who allowed someone’s “bright” idea to publish all the staff emails on the website and when robots cull the emails, you think they would care? Your job title is in the website. That’s how the robots start to spam and send to unsuspecting staff who would then complain to you because you are the biggest boss there.

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Then, you email me to settle? Give me the correct room size to do my job and I may just be less cynical working there. If not for the recurring bills, I would have just quit right now and don’t care about the bonus. My number of leaves are enough to just leave you dangling like that.

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Covid had us struggling to find a balance to ensure that jobs get done. I have been trying to make things work and taking leaves just to settle family matters that should not have been there in the first place has me tired. I am sick of work but I can’t just quit like this. I need to be able to pay the recurring bills. Mortage doesn’t stop just because I am not working.

The numbers are increasing and it is depressing to see but life goes on. I am just struggling to live day by day.

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