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Now, there had been much talk about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock for joking about Jada Pinkett Smith’s baldness. I have read some articles on why it was warranted and why it could have been less violent.

Let’s talk about the violence. First, this is a country whereby guns are legal and much debate has been done on their legalness. It is also a place whereby women have to carry around pepper sprays just to be able to walk around at night. Women have to have separate gym times or just women-only gyms in order to work out in gyms without fear of being filmed and posted on porn sites.

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In order for men to stop talking about women or harassment, another man often has to step up to stop them. It has always been like that. Just like mansplaining. Apparently, men have studied longer hence, they are “cleverer”.
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Now, the first thing was this, it kept showing up in the articles that Chris Rock just saying he loved Jada and couldn’t wait to see G.I. Jane. It didn’t state the whole thing, I feel. So, I could not relate to the joke.

I won’t say that Will Smith was in the wrong or right. All he did was to stand up for his wife.

Now, the other side of the coin was that Will was manipulated by his wife. She had been wrapping her finger around him for years and he just let her do it. Yet, I wonder why he married her in the first place. Perhaps, this is what is called, love is blind. Also, it could also be due to Will’s unwillingness to go through another round of divorce.

What I like is that if a man is willing to stand up for his woman, he is someone who is worth keeping. However, he must know that the woman is worth standing up for. I don’t get why Jim Carrey denounces Will Smith’s reaction. Now, if Will were not a celebrity, this matter would not have blown up across the globe.

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