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I had a good run with Huawei Mate 20. However, ever since the fingerprint failed to be usable when I’m attempting to use WhatsApp Web in the Appt Twin, I started to have disappointments. I have no expectations and I thought I could still use the face recognition until just recently. It failed to allow me to use the WhatsApp Twin.

I am already reduced to just keying in the passcode. What else does Huawei Mate 20 wants from me? It’s frustrating since I am using 2 SIM cards and it is ridiculous to carry around so many mobile phones. The reason that I bought the Mate 20 was because it supported the Google Services. I can’t remember when I bought this but now, I’m no longer confident that it can be used for my needs because Huawei has lost its footing ever since it was banned from using Google services.

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The update of the UI crashed the WhatsApp or the Twin App function. Huawei already has a limited number of apps that allows the Twin App to use and now, this. I can no longer use this as my main phone. It is no longer functioning according to my needs and I have begun looking elsewhere. So, goodby Mate 20. Thanks for the shortest usage of about 1.5 years. I did delay getting this because I was still able to use the Mate 9. I will probably use this as just a camera function since it performs better than Xiaomi 9T.
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As much as I would like to migrate to Telegram, the people whom I’m in contact with are diehard fans of WhatsApp. Else, I would not even be bothered by this failure of the Twin App by Huawei.

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