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Ever since the Serena Williams news broke years back when she wore compression pants after giving birth to her tournaments, people who were just spectators had a lot to say. So, a woman is wrong to wear clothes that help with her health to playing tennis?

Did she need to seek permission to wear the “standard tennis wear” just to play the game? Did she need your permission to wear anything? Did she need to be showing everything just to prove that she needed the compression pants to help deal with her health?

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Why is it that women are often subjected to dress codes while men are not?

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Now, Noami Osaka, another tennis player faced repercussions just because she refused to take part in media interviews. If she had social anxiety, why is it that the sponsors had difficulties in accepting her? Why are their contracts that restrictive? She would rather pay the fine than subject herself to the stress of handling the media. I can understand her anxiety because I have difficulties expressing myself to a group of strangers.

Why is it that women have to voice out and be subjected to ridicules while men do not when they voice out? Probably because they have never voice out on mental health and dress codes. Men never needed to. Men have been taught that mental health has to be hidden. IMO, not even sure if that’s true.

When men say something, something gets done almost immediately. Women had to campaign for years just to gain the rights to be able to work and now, women still have to fight for the same salary for the same position. Why do women always have to show and fight tooth and nail just for something?

Women have to create a fake male CEO just to fight sexism. What does it take for changes to happen?

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