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I have been unable to use any vouchers when paying through the mobile app in Lazada. Hence, after months of waiting patiently for the system to refresh, I had to contact help.

I flooded them 4 times and eventually, by the 4th time, I found that they had suspended my usage of the vouchers because of suspicious activities. I tried to ask if there is any else I can do to secure my account or even make it more secure, “I’m sorry, we cannot reveal anything more.” WTF?!

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The point of using vouchers is to minimise the amount of money spent. Apparently, they are unwilling to help me in anyway. One less customer is nothing to them. I wanted to buy because that item is only available in Lazada and the most affordable price for me to try it out.
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If I want to resolve the “suspicious” activity, does that mean that I should remove all my browser extensions, clear the cache and restrict myself to only access Lazada from one location?

How the hell does Lazada actually track user location and purchase history or login history accurately? Does the system even do accurate tracking at all?

I had been happy using Lazada till this issue and they cannot reveal anything about my account to me. WTH! STOP TELLING ME TO BUY WITHOUT APPLYING THE VOUCHERS!

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