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I am advocate for password managers and good ones are hard to come by. So, for years, I have been using the free LastPass option because it allows syncing for all my devices, no biases. Now, LastPass will be implementing a one OS type for all free accounts.

It has to come to that. It thing is, if the annual billing is lower, I wouldn’t mind paying. Perhaps, the price is not an issue. The issue is, if one day, I have no continuous income, how do I keep on using LastPass or any other subscription based systems that I want to keep on using?

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I think this change might be mostly a business decision and I would say that the Family price plan is the most value worthy one, just that how does one gather 6 willing parties to pay the family price plan?
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So, I will be migrating to another password manager, I am sad to calculate that the conversion rate of annual billings for LastPass just doesn’t make the cut for me, the triple amount of money to be paid is just too painful. I am scared that when I have no passive income in the future, I will be unable to keep track of all my passwords and get locked out of my thousands of accounts that I use across mobile and computer devices.

Thanks LastPass, for the good years that have passed.

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