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I wanted to switch to another registrar after paying GoDaddy for way too much. I was paying about 70% more for 2 years of domain name registration including extra for private Whois. So, I made the jump recently and prayed for the smooth migration.

So, I’m utterly happy that I only paid for the transfer and the transfer includes a free year of domain name. In terms of cost, I’m having free privacy protection and GoDaddy charges about USD35 or something like that for just privacy of 1 year. PorkBun gives me free privacy.

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I thought it would take about 10 working days because that’s what usually happens. So, I was busy with the notification emails and approving of the transfer that it took less than 12 hours for the transfer to be finalised. I didn’t even have to change my name servers. Everything was just transferred over and I just needed to check the site after the notification email stated that my domain has been successfully transferred.
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Goodby GoDaddy, thanks for hosting the domain for so long. I can’t afford your prices anymore. I would have transferred to Alibaba Cloud if it had free Whois privacy but it was removed. So, the second cheaper option in terms of renewal was Porkbun and I did debated with the transfer because I had never heard of this registrar until I did some research.

Considering that I reside in Singapore, it may be curious why I don’t use any local registrars. I did search but the cost with the currency rates and the lack of free Whois privacy and SSL certificates changed my mind.

Ultimately, after researching months before deciding which domain registrar to transfer to, I decided to place my trust with Porkbun for a year.

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