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After spending money on GoDaddy for a number of years on the domain, I find that I can no longer afford the prices. The Whois by GoDaddy adds on to my increasing costs and I can no longer afford that. Hence, I have been looking at alternatives.

This time, I have learned from the lessons. When looking for a domain name, ensure the following.

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  • The spelling of the domain
  • The meaning of the domain
  • The length of the domain
  • The registration price of the domain
  • The renewal price of the domain
  • The freebies given by the registrar

Depending on your priority, the list above is in no particular order. However, the domain name is important because you are left with limited options considering that people are parking domains and companies do not like that. The process to get that domain name is tedious. If I were a company, I would find it tedious and rather find another domain name or pray that the owner forgets to renew and I can register it.

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Or sometimes, the owner may be willing to sell the domain to you after negotiations are successful. In the next few months, I will be transferring my domain name to another registrar. GoDaddy has been good, I admit but the prices for the Whois is simply too expensive for me to maintain the relationship with GoDaddy. The dashboard has improved and the security is now inclusive of 2FA. While I appreciate all these, I cannot afford the renewal costs including the private Whois cost either.

This site was setup to allow me to voice out my opinions and my thoughts about anything that impact my life. I appreciate the pocket money from the affiliates that go into funding the hosting fees. I’m not about earning tons of money from here. Just some pocket money to go into hosting fees.

Have I mentioned that I am now using Patreon? Apparently, there are some changes over the years and the paying customers are paying more. I didn’t realise that until I concluded my registration recently. I can agree that I will not be making a living just off Patreon alone.

I still believe that in life, I will need multiple sources of income. Although, companies will not encourage employees to have another income even if the 2nd source is paying the CPF. They want their employees to be loyal to them yet, when it comes to crunch time, companies start laying off. Call me cynical but the experience of being told that the company doesn’t need you to come in a few months’ time is awful. The compensation for laying you off depends on the company and if you get 0.5 months for each year you worked, it is a blessing. Some people don’t even get that.

Now, since I am changing the registrar, I have no idea how it will impact the uptime of this site. I’m just hoping that I’m making the right decision to move the domain to another registrar that is more affordable and gives me free Whois privacy.

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