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After debating with myself, I finally switched from Circles.Life to Gomo. Despite my happiness with 30.6 GB of data, I have utterly no use for it at work because the network is blocked for some reason. M1 has lousy coverage which I’ve mentioned previously. I totally forgot that the building here acts like a carpark, blocking almost all sorts of wireless waves.

Besides, I’m paying at $28/mth because I opted in before the $18/mth promotion came in. I admit that I have signed up GOMO at a late stage but hey, I just don’t need to pay for the SIM card. What I need is a stable data connection that I cannot get while I’m at work. Basically, forking out money for data that I cannot use 70% of the time is pointless. So, Circles.Life, until something is done by M1, I will not be able to sign up with you as of now.

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I’m hoping to get a more decent connection with GOMO since the signal is rather strong when I’m checking out the signal with my prepaid SIM. I probably have too many contact numbers but then again, I want to use a number purely for close friends and family, another line for work and one line for contests and those pesky surveys that are popping up in booths.

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Let’s hope this plan works out better than Circles.Life for now.

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