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I have so many questions and I kept getting the textbook answers. I had a small bulky item that was sent by SingPost. Obviously, the post person had to send it to my house. There was someone at home.

But they didn’t bother to call me just to check and just left a note. Fine. So, I thought that since, they would arrive in the afternoon, I had to complete my tasks in the morning anyway. I rushed home only to find that they had managed to miss the 2nd attempt. Obviously I was not at home.

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So, I went down to the Post office to retrieve my parcel unsuccessfully. Counter said to call the number to make arrangements. I would make arrangements to be sent in the evening when I am obviously at home but would your delivery guy do that? NO!
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So, I made a request that I wanted my item to be sent to the nearest post office and got the textbook answer. Starting to be pissed because I only had 1 last chance before my parcel which the textbook answer (Blah blah, if the address is wrong, blah blah) is missed for the 3rd time, it would be returned to the sender! I WANT THAT PACKAGE!

If the address had been wrong, I would not even get a slip of missed delivery! What is wrong with SingPost?! I basically live chatted with the person and demanded that my package be sent for collection, COVID OR NOT!

The mailing address was correct. There was a contact number printed on the package, was it so difficult to make a call? I don’t mind receiving a call and you can place it in the location that I will give you. WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT FOR SINGPOST TO PROVIDE THIS SIMPLE SERVICE?!

I don’t have problems with other delivery services! If I had a choice, I would not have chosen SingPost! Either get your act together or provide larger sized communal letterboxes for bulky items!

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