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Things have been getting from bad to worse. I have no idea how long I can withstand this torture and ridiculous and absurd ideas of the management. While my immediate superior is blocking majority of the ridiculous requests, sometimes, hierarchy wins.

Considering the sector that I am in, it shows how big talks and showy speeches are just on the surface. In the backstage, it is another story itself. As long as you are in the position of power and decision making, anything you say, goes.

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So, I asked for permission for an online course. Apparently, because I’m on another scheme, I have to attend the whole day course (it’s about 7 hours) at the workplace. Wow. Just because of my salary scheme. Defeats the point of the online course. Right?
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It is near the annual financial closing and the top management decided to buy something big. Everyone involved scrambled around just to make the purchase happen. Wow.

Everyone else can wait. As the support team will have to drop everything at the drop of a hat just to troubleshoot simple technical issues that the top management has. Sometimes, the issue just needs time because updates take time. How fast can a work device be if it was meant for normal usages and daily turning it on will actually resolve that issue on hand?

Do not involve the innocent party that simply enabled the booking system. Your failure to plan does not mean that the person who enabled the booking has to go and mediate the booking and find alternatives because both parties will not like the alternatives. Just go to the owner who booked it in the first place and negotiate among yourselves.

I am starting to regret the decision to actually work in this sector. As much as I would love to have my own business, I am no business person. I lack the patience to deal with demanding people, I would simply tell them to f**k off just so that I can do the easy stuff. Dealing with people tire me out and I just want to curl up at home and perhaps rant out online.

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