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Since face masks are now compulsory with Covid 19 being potentially airborne; it was just a matter of time when the virus mutated. We can make our own masks so that our own design can be emblazoned or we can just save the pin pricks and buy.

The usual is to buy the one that is easy to make at home while attempting to find suitable materials. These are meant for kids.

Hope Fashion
2 Piece Set – 100% Cotton Hand Block Printed Flower and Cat Double Layer Reusable Kids Face Cover – Pink and Multi

For those who have to lip-read, when you wear this mask with a transparent window while communicating with them, this helps. I sure hope it helps.
Direct Asia Insurance
Graph Check Pattern Reusable Two layer Face Cover with Transparent Window (Size 24×14 Cm) – Pink

I’m not sure about your but when the mask lights up in a rainbow of colours, I find it cool. You will be visible at night, that’s for sure.

7 Colour Changing Rechargeable LED Luminous Face Cover (Size 15x21x3 Cm) – White

Now, I like to be cool in terms of temperature. A scarf that doubles as a mask is great. Although, this is not as good as the medical mask. It’s just looks fashionable.

2 in 1 Flower Pattern Chiffon Soft Feel Scarf and Protective Face Mask (Size 45×45 Cm) – White and Multi

Since we have to wear masks, might as well look good with the masks. What kind of masks are you wearing to protect yourself from viruses?

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