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So, I was looking around for an option for free hosting and basically hosting since I am using Freenom for free domain names. Although, the domain extensions are rather obscure and may look like spam-ish domains since they have been known to be abused by spammers.

There I found some reviews about InfinityFree. What it offers among the free hosting that is now being reduced by the number of free hosts is the best, I feel. I can register unlimited number of domain names, unlimited number of sub-domains, 3 user accounts, unlimited bandwidth and some limits to the resources that I have yet to find out.

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I was using Filezilla to transfer the plugins because the web version of the WordPress that I have installed kept running into problems. Took me 3 attempts before the WordPress was finally installed properly, I think it could be the limited resources, afterall, this is free and the shared bandwidth is limited.

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I’m not sure how long this free hosting will be since it was started in 2000-ish? If you want to truly find out what past users have been doing, check out this review site. I would not recommend this for SME because the CPU limits is really bad. I had an email telling me that I was using more than 50% of the mysterious resources only on my 2nd day of trying to setup 1 website. I have yet to fully flood that website with users.

I might have to remove that site later on if it can’t let me perform decently. I won’t expect high speed loading. So, let’s see if they will try to suspend my site later on. I have not even bought a domain name to use on that site, so, I guess it won’t hurt that bad.

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