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Now that NLB will allow the borrowing number from 8 to 16, I’m jumping for joy and crying with sadness. Joy because I love to read. Sad because I have no time to read. The implementation will start from 1 Apr 2019.

I used to visit the library when I was studying full time, school holidays were my favourite months because I could visit the library almost every 3 days to return and borrow the maximum amount of books, 4 at that time. I read in just a few hours and my mother never worried about me going out because I was mostly holed up at the library. Among the 4 siblings, my other brother, I got 2 younger brothers, the older one, loved to visit the library whenever he felt like it. He would borrow the maximum number of books and returned every other day to borrow more books. So, I guess my mother was more relaxed about us going out than with the other 2 who never developed a love for reading.

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I would love to borrow the books and have more time to read. Who needs sleep when books will bring me to another world? Hence, I love Book Depository. Buying books is now more affordable and if you can claim purchases, this is one of the best site that I know of.
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Obviously, if you have limited space at home, consider borrowing books because it is a pity to just throw away books. I find it difficult to throw away books probably due to my love of books. I have tried eBooks but the feel is still different from flipping through pages and using a bookmark. I choose to read books based on feelings.

I did want to read a few YA books but I have never found the time to finish reading before the borrowing time is up. By right, I should be able to finish reading in 2 weeks but with work and family, it is tough to find a quiet time to read without interruptions. I still want to borrow the books though.

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