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Planning a wedding consists of a lot of details if you don’t intend to use any hotels and their packages. What I like about a garden themed wedding is that I can choose what I want and how I want to decorate the scene.

I love bubbles. What is an outdoor wedding without bubbles? Each guest can blow the bubbles and you don’t need a bubbles blowing machine. They can bring back the bottles for their kids too.

Hope Fashion
Personalized Wedding Bubbles – Personalized Wedding Favors by Kate Aspen

Now that we are more conscious about going green, a bag is the most useful item. Create your unique monogram and the guests will be using this stylish bag for their purchases.
Direct Asia Insurance
Classic Black and White Monogrammed Tote Bag Kate Aspen

I love Mason jars. What can you do with a Mason jar? Apparently, make it into a drink cup and it becomes a non-spill cup with a cover. Awesome, isn’t it?

Lip balms are saviours for dry lips. Mine tend to peel after a day. So, I apply at night before bed and in the day time when I’m at work. The air-con is simply too drying.

My absolute favourite is a Mason Jar with handle for easy grips.

Personalized 16 oz. Mr. & Mrs. Mason Jar Mug – by Kate Aspen

How would your wedding favours be like?

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