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I’m late to the game. I have resisted using WhatsApp via web because the lack of mobility and the web version is still using my mobile data plan. As if I didn’t change my plans to the 11GB per month. Frankly speaking, my data usage for WhatsApp tend to rang about 700MB in about 18 days so, 11 GB each month is more than enough.

Besides, Circles.Life has more data to the base plan now. 20GB is more than enough for the basic WhatsApp chat user. I would say that it is easier to view and copy and paste stuff using the web version. No wonder DD is using the web version more than the mobile version. If you are going to use Circles.Life, use my code “ADDLOTTE” for more data.

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So, in other news, I have managed to down the router, the new router for the home broadband despite my hubby’s best intentions. Oops.
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So, the home doesn’t have any internet access and I’m glad that we are not heavily dependent on the Wifi for any appliances. I guess the delay in getting that Ring door viewer was a good idea. In fact, I have been harbouring the idea ever since I saw someone posting the video of the shoe thieves.

Back to why I’m using the chat via web is because I like to have my mobile on sound profile. If it is vibrating and notifying the messages, I guess it can get irritating when it is almost constantly sounding off and being the only one in the quiet office while the rest are trying to get some marking done.

So, I’m using WhatsApp and Telegram via web and enjoying the quietness from the mobile phone instead of it constantly telling me that there is a message and I don’t have to mute the chat group either.

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