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I like the size for iPad Mini and have been meaning to change to a new one because the old one has screen issues. So, iPad Mini is now refreshed to whereby I can use Pencil (Generation 1) too!

Obviously, I checked out the price for the 256GB and coughs. At $819, I think I am fainting. I can try the education price but the price difference is not huge. Just slightly more affordable. DD recommended that I just buy the current promotional price for the Samsung Tab S 4 instead. It already includes the keyboard, S Pen and the tablet itself.

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For iPad, I have to fork out for the Pencil and keyboard if I want. The total price difference ain’t that much either.

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So, for the sake of comparison, I did a selection based on the education store price since I am qualified for it.

iPad with Pencil and Keyboard at Education Price

So, for Samsung Tab S4, without education price, I don’t think they have that.

Samsung Tab S4 Price

Price comparison will be unfair since iPad only has 128GB for the storage. Now, suppose I choose iPad Air with Cellular.

I guess the price is now a huge difference if I were to choose iPad Air with cellular. Tab S4 seems cheaper now.

As for iPad Mini, the one that I love because of its size. Now that I am doing a comparison on price only, it is an unfair comparison but I’m paying, so I have to do this first.

iPad Mini with Pencil

Unfortunately, iPad Mini no longer looks attractive since it doesn’t come with the keyboard and there is no keyboard. I might probably buy a bluetooth keyboard that can be paired with the Mini if I ever feel that I can afford the price.

I’m guessing that the fight is just between iPad and Tab S4 for now. For Tab S4, I have to buy by 25 Mar 2019 or the keyboard no longer comes with it.

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