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I have always preferred customising my devices. My favourite is to change the wallpaper on my mobile device on a daily basis. So, when Android has this option, I immediately downloaded all the wallpaper that I fancied and set the change to a daily basis. I’m doing the same for my laptops that I have. Windows 10 has made it easier to change the wallpapers to using folders.

My first PC was bought from a store and subsequently, I got interested in the specifications of having the best in order to have a fast performing PC that I built the PC from motherboard to the aesthetics. I preferred MSI motherboards and if they were not available, I would choose Asus. As time went by, the price for ready made laptops and PCs dropped with better specifications that I stopped buying the parts.

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Over the years, I lost track of how long the DIY PCs lasted. My guess would be 3 to 4 years. Since the ready made ones usually last that long, I decided to just buy straight after looking at the specifications and have a touch at the actual products.
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Dell made things easier but I have never bought any of the models from it for personal use. I now prefer using Lenovo and Asus laptops. While I am still liking the lightweight versions, I can’t justify the price that I have to pay. So, while looking at Lenovo site, I found that I can build my laptop, basically, some changes like HDD to SSD, 3 cell battery to 6 cell, processor types, etc. Since I’m on a budget, I am looking at AMD processors because they are also comparable. In addition, I can get cashback by using ShopBack. It gives up to 7% cashback.

Lenovo has online sales going on from time to time and it does help that I like the ThinkPad series. Right now, I’m loving the fact that it allows me to customise my laptop too. Asus is still selling the laptops with Windows 10 Home. I’m looking at Windows 10 Pro because I want to use the BitLocker. Never mind that the dual login is a hassle, as long as I can find a way to safeguard my data, what is an extra step to security?

Now, to decide on that ThinkPad A series.

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