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I heard of the phrase “Keep it simple” and sometimes, the places where I have worked at, somehow made things complex. I have no idea why can’t all the employees and vendors stationed at the workplace enjoy the buffet together. You mean that the food must have some leftover whereby the not so tasty food are left a lot then the vendors are called in to eat?

Why can’t everyone eat at the same time? Vendors are working for the place and the bosses there, so they aren’t human and must wait until 2 PM just before the caterers come and clean up to eat the leftovers? On another case, some jobs have been pushed to others and the credit is given to those pushers. What?!

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Other cases of the working hours have also been debated and the auditors claimed (at least that’s what the people told us) that each minute is important. Apparently, we cannot just write down the timesheet (what the heck is the fingerprint system for then?!) the stipulated working hours. We have to write down the exact time we come in and knock off. We cannot calculate the total working hours for the month and we must sign the timesheet for coming in and knocking off. What era is this? Why can’t the fingerprint system be filtered? Only the staff working hours will be calculated from there while the vendors have to do it the old fashioned way and get the timesheet endorsed by the reporting officer.
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One other issue that I have with them is that by right, the working hours are shorter by 30 minutes during the school holidays. Then someone decided that the working hours should be kept to the same hours. What the heck? Is there something that will crash the school? Is there something that by working less hours, something from the sky will crash?

Why is it so complicated to work at some places?

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