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Pets are all we have left when we have no family members. Naturally, we want to give them the best that we can.

Dogs love to chew and here, we use Interceptor Dogs 2-10 lbs (Brown) 3 Chews to let them chew to their hearts’ content.

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To keep the cats healthy, give them Advantage Kittens & Small Cats 1-10lbs 6 + 1 Free Doses.

Cats are my favourite animals. Giving pet cat Advantage Multi (Advocate) Kittens & Small Cats up to 10lbs (Orange) 3 Doses would keep the cat healthy.

There are so many dog lovers in my area. Surely, giving them K9 Advantix Extra Large Dogs over 55 lbs (Blue) 4 Doses would help them.

How would you keep your pets healthy?

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