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WordPress has come out with another way to use the editor. It has introduced Gutenberg as a plugin for now. Thus, I’m testing this out. The interface is somewhat of a learning curve and I am reminded of how Google lets the user use the Google Slides, Sheets and Docs. Google is based on its experience in using contextual advertising. Thus, the display of the options are shown only based on what the user has clicked.

Gutenberg is also based on this concept, I guess. The editor is now divided into blocks. Thus, I took some time to figure out how to use it. Right now, I am able to use CSS for each block to customise how I want the blocks to look like later on.

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What I am figuring out is how to use the blocks to display codes, images and formatting the text when I need. The editor can hide the distractions such as the options for each block so that I can concentrate on typing what I need to type. Certainly helps with the many internet sites that can be distracting.

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On the other hand, WordPress can be edited with the desktop version if I want. The Gutenberg can be shown in demo here. Right now, I am still figuring it out. So far, it is easier to use once I get used to it. However, after inserting a code, I’m not able to insert another block below it. Or I could be missing that position to click in the right place.

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