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I am obsessed with keeping my body in shape. However, I am also lazy to do those exercises that require more than 30 minutes of my time. This reminds me of the time when it used to be a lot more easier when I was in school. All those physical education classes were part of the curriculum and we had to take part. The only time that I was willing to participate was when they had the badminton sessions.

There was also the tennis sessions that I hated because the racket was too heavy for me to swing. I had always used the badminton rackets and thus, that was my least favourite part. I also hated running the marathons. However, the 2.4KM run was part of the NAFA test that was compulsory. If I had a choice, I would skip this because marathons were just not my thing.

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These days, I just want to have a toned body. A good fitting is required when doing exercises. Wearing a pair of Booty Support F/L Tight is good for stretching, I guess. At least, this will make me look more sporty.
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Besides a fitting bottom, a good top allows the freedom for exercise too. Flip Active Tee is great for running.

I may hate running but it is one of the sport that doesn’t require buying any equipment except running shoes. I still have those old badminton rackets in my storage. What sort of exercise do you prefer?

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