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Last night, while having dinner, this young girl was going door to door asking for charity to give to a mother who was having a hard time. The girl held the large paperclips that have silicon icons attached to make it into a bookmark. I don’t like to use such things for books. They make the nice pages indented and I dislike having my books being abused by such bookmarks.

She was giving me a sob story about a mother needing the money and I kept rejecting her nicely. Since she wasn’t going to get me to pay anything, she left but said loudly along the lines of “People these days are hard-hearted!” I must give her some credit for not saying “F**k!”

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Girl, you take rejections hard. I guess you must not have managed to have 1 out of 5 households giving charity, right? You are young and may not have held many jobs. Not everyone likes to get rejected. I hate being rejected, hence, I try to avoid jobs that require me to go around asking people to cough up money to buy something. I believe this position that you are being paid for or volunteering for, isn’t the right one for you. You are upset about being rejected. Just be glad that I was nice in rejecting you. There are nastier ways to get rejected. If you had pushed further, I would have shouted at you.
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This reminds me of the other time, I was trying to hurry home and this sales person followed me and kept telling me about her services when I rejected her nicely 3 times. In the end, I said in a stern voice, “I said, I’m not interested.” Or something to that effect. She backed away hurriedly like I was going to bite her. I was probably going to do that since I was tired and I just wanted to go home.

There was also the same incident in the shopping mall where this lady was pressurising me to sit down and complete a survey. I really hate that because they always want all my intimate details such as contact number, name and other ways to contact (think harass) me on a few days later to sell their services. I caved in. The guy asked the questions and was trying to get me to meet up on another day to talk about his services. Insurance agents now have a difficult time because nobody wants to spend money on policies that end up not benefiting the buyers.  I managed to get away without giving my intimate details. All I wanted to do that day was just to buy my stuff and go home.

So, I am starting to feel afraid of going to shopping malls or fairs because they all have insurance agents parked in various spots to pressurise me into sitting down and they have to do their job of trying to get me to spend even more time with them on listening and hopefully buy one policy from them. They depend on commission because the basic doesn’t really pay that well.

While this girl from last night was probably wrong in cursing about hard-hearted people just outside the door as she walked away in frustration, I don’t blame her. I would have done the same thing and quit right away. I can only handle this much rejection before I go crazy.

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