Our 5th Anniversary or Is It 6th?

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I got married years back and our customary wedding was held at Riverview Hotel; according to the relatives without cars, it was the most inaccessible place of all. Well, considering that none of the hotels that are accessible to major public transport like MRT, this was the only one that we liked because of the ballroom and the view. Not that we got to enjoy the view since we flew the next night for our honeymoon in Taiwan. My favourite drink at that point was the bubble tea from Come Buy.

I ate very little during the trip while the hubby was down with fever and flu for the first 3 days. He always falls sick during any overseas trip. I have no idea why. Maybe the good Lord is telling him to stop travelling. Or stop being so wanderlust. Anyway, I think it’s our 5th anniversary together. Living in the same house as him has given me insights on how to manage the household while attempting to hold onto a job full time. I don’t enjoy full time jobs but I have no choice. I want to pick up courses but I am too tired after work. Sigh.

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Anyway, we have not celebrated any anniversaries for years and probably takes a miracle to celebrate it. This is still a learning journey and I hope to continue this journey. Might plan for a photoshoot to keep as memento.

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