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I have been wondering since I saw the hacks on cleaning white canvas shoes. Using an old toothbrush and toothpaste, the white canvas shoes that have turned dirty or yellow can be white again. This got me thinking, do we really need additional tools that make our teeth white instead of ivory?

So, I found some ways to whiten teeth at home without the bleaching options. I still want my teeth since the dentures are not that aligned despite the dentist’s efforts. This is because I see my mother growing thinner because of the dentures misalignment and she is unable to chew food properly now. The teeth just don’t match since she replaced her upper front teeth with dentures. Her lower teeth just jut out and biting food is no longer easy.

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One popular teeth whitening tool would be using activated charcoal and one lady proved it by using it for a week. All she gained in the end was quite an experience and I thank her for sharing it in a blog post. I tend to buy things if I see the dramatic changes of before and after. After I use them with enthusiasm and excitement, the feeling would be lost if I don’t see the dramatic changes.
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Just take for example the hair colour wax that I kept seeing people post because of the easy wash out once I’m done with the wax. It made my hair crispy or dry. I might just stick to Liese bubbly foam for now. The colour didn’t stay on even hours after I used it and used my fingers to comb through the hair. I don’t know what went wrong.

Now, back to the topic of teeth whitening, I am still keen in keep my teeth white so that I look great and perhaps, glow in the dark. Kidding.

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