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Now, the Covid-19 has been going on for months now. There is no let up until everyone practices the social responsibility and upkeep the hygiene levels. When the announcement was made, all toilet rolls were sold out in one day. Probably in just 4 hours.

I thought Singapore was the only one until Australia followed suit after their long fight with the bush fires. Soon, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America also followed suit. I might have gotten some countries wrong but that’s beside the point.

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The point is that we are panicking more because of the spread of Covid-19 is more obvious and in our faces than the climate change. Large chunks of ice have broken off from Antarctica and the Arctic but we can’t feel the urgency of saving earth in more united and drastic measures.
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When things are not in front of us, we don’t feel the urgency. So, the Covid-19 has brought about the changes to the hygiene levels. All the hand sanitisers and hand soaps are constantly stocked up. Although, this has the thieves stealing the hand sanitisers due to the low stocks in almost every shop.

The pollution in China has magically been reduced because of the whole lock down. Something about being communists there. I have been wondering, China has the history of being ruled by emperors and is that the reason why communism is being more well received than being a democratic?

This virus has turn into a marathon because of the following reasons.

  1. Utter disregard of being socially responsible.
  2. Travel even though one has the symptoms.
  3. If I got it, I spread it mentality.
  4. It is just a normal flu thinking.
  5. Since the money from that dinner cannot be refunded, no postponement is available, just attend and think all is well mentality.
  6. Since the money for the flight cannot be refunded, just go.
  7. My hands getting dry, no need to wash hand mentality.

The list may go on but it boils down to one thing, being responsible for one own’s health.

Living in Singapore, we have the benefits that we thought USA has. We have health benefits even though we do have to pay for the bills. In the USA, you have to have health insurance in order to receive the basic care. We have paid sick leaves. USA doesn’t have.

Our laws uphold the basic human rights which we always thought it doesn’t. That is why I am beginning to understand why Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix and other major companies in USA have their own unique regulations for staff. That is also why one must die dies work in those companies if you are in USA.

I am blessed to be in Singapore. I don’t know about you. We have proper plumbing systems. There is no fracking issues that we have to worry about. We have the government really taking care of us even though the chicken might be taken back but we are at peace. We can go to school unless expelled for certain reasons.

Our governing will never sit well with every single person living in Singapore but it does help to govern the social peace. We have reduced racial slurs and prejudiced although I feel for the the girl in Mee Toh School.

We will have to re-look into how we discipline children in school. Caning in public is frowned upon but at what cost when we just do counselling?

Image by Somchai Chitprathak from Pixabay

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