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Call me jaded or anything but I have worked long enough to know that when I work, and every process seems smooth, it is my job. However, when things go wrong due to various reasons, all of my working processes are forgotten and this one mistake is unforgivable.

  1. “Why didn’t you know?”
  2. “Why did it go wrong?”
  3. “Write me a report and the rectifications.”
  4. “Make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
  5. “You should have made sure.”
  6. “Why didn’t you check?”

There are many reasons not to make mistakes at work and it is especially so when you are in any industry. Some industries make it difficult to forgive a mistake. Now, when you misappropriate funds from clients, that is unforgivable.

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I have tried my best not to make mistakes at work. Especially if it comes to live updates on websites and all. So, I do what is required. I see emails thanking everyone except the IT team at work. Like we didn’t do anything and it is expected of us to do for events.

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If my team had screw ups during the event, it will be hell. We would have to explain why it happened and a whole lot of grandmother story. If the team functioned smoothly through the event. Silence. Thanks but your requirement of us to be at the functions are usually not required.

So, why would you want us to prepare so many things and the logistics and move the heaven, earth and sometimes, galaxy just to be at the function whereby our presence are practically not required? Just for show or just to make up the numbers?

I’m tired of being taken for granted yet this is what is happening. I am now no longer functioning at a more than required of my pay grade. As long as I perform accordingly, I am employed. I do like to have a chance of some side income because no employment is permanent.

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