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So, the CPF finally announced that we can make nominations online. What a relief. Although, we are required to have a few information ready so that the nomination can be made.

  1. Full Name of Nominee(s), NRIC/Foreign Passport/Identification Number and Mailing Address
  2. Full Name of Authorised Person(s), NRIC/Foreign Passport/Identification Number
  3. Full Names of Witnesses, NRIC/Foreign Identification Number, Email Address and Mobile Number

While I have the nominees in mind, I haven’t decided on the authorised persons and the witnesses yet. If I remember correctly, I will need at least 2 witnesses. In this age, NRICs are now sacred except we have been using them so freely in the past that we just provide the card easily. This is slowly changing as we get used to the idea. We now give part of our NRIC for certain services such as contest winning collection.

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I have made my nominations before but that was before marriage. Apparently, only women who got married have to update their nominations. Why?
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My previous nominations are now invalid. I have to think of getting witnesses and authorised person. I have no idea who to authorise.

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