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One of the things gained from this Covid-19 is that we have heightened our hygiene standards. Apparently, we aren’t washing our hands enough. Our Dorscon level at Orange brought about something that was never seen before.

The panic buying of food staples such as rice, noodles, toilet rolls and tissue paper. The stores were out of stock just after the level was raised. Is someone attacking us? Only Covid-19/Coronavirus/Wuhan virus/2019-nCoV. This virus has so many names that I have no idea why.

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We now have disinfectant spray always available. Hand sanitizers almost in every bag. Dettol smell in a lot of places. All public transport and public areas are being sanitized more often throughout the day.

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More people wearing masks and pulling down the masks to cough. That is certainly not hygienic but some people want to cough without the mask. In this case, can you don’t use the mask if you want to do this.

I have heard of people purposely coughing at the medical staff just to try and get to the doctor’s first. Are you rushing off for reincarnation? 你赶着去投胎吗?

Why on earth would you want to abuse the very staff who are trained to treat you medically? Please make sure you stay healthy so that you won’t need any nurses or doctors.

In fact, it is okay to be near the nurses and doctors because they are using sterilized equipment and need to sanitize themselves more often than we do. The kind of people you should avoid are those who pull down the masks to cough on you.

I admire those medical staff who can withstand all sorts of things. The kind of injuries that I would cringe on sight. Such as cuts on the knees, bones protruding out from the skin and other injuries. I can’t stomach to write more.

On our part, we avoid large crowds, no shaking of hands and if we do, wash the hands, teach the kids to wash hands all the time, dispose of used masks, tissue papers properly. Change the used gloves regularly and many other things.

I have bought wet wipes for cleaning on a regular basis, so I didn’t worry about that. Just need to stock up when I see them on sale. We can start to use reusable and washable masks for one. We can use everything to be reused such as bottles that are empty and use the refills where possible.

Most important, we should keep up with the hygiene in handling everything. This virus came about due to lack of proper hygiene handling. When the cages are stacked on top of one another without some deterrence of the poop from the one on top to the bottom, well, shit happens.

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