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Each year, the month before the Chinese New Year, there will be fortune tellers sharing the general forecast for each zodiac animal for the CNY. The year 2020 will have a number of weddings. I have to attend one. The favourite dates are usually in doubles. Like 2 February (hint: 02/02/2020), a tad too many twos and zeros for my taste. Thus, the colours of the clothes also matter for each zodiac sign.

Now, I use makeup and I like to put different shades of the eyeshadows depending on the colours of my outfits.

Hope Fashion
All-Stars Eyeshadow Palette

Now, lip gloss showcase the lips when the lips are the best feature of the face.
Direct Asia Insurance
Super Gloss – Everyday

Now, I like to look natural since it is CNY visiting and not some party that I’m going to.

Eye Slay Kit – Romantic Brown

What is so good about white eyeliners? They can be used to highlight some parts of the eyes. Even better when it is waterproof.

Waterproof Gel Eye Liner – Snow White

My favourite eyeliner colour to enlarge my eyes? Ebony.

Waterproof Gel Eye Liner – Ebony

What makeup colours will you be using for house visiting?

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