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It’s been a year since I started this current job. So far, I have made a few mistakes that I hope not to ever repeat again. It is scary to do that and I have so many reports to write just to follow up. In addition, I have ensure that everything is in order.

Hence, for my personal sanity and tracking purposes, I have made a few dozens of lists over the time. With lists, it is much easier to track what have been done and what still needs to be done. While the format is not perfect, I get focused and know the items that are important and need to be completed first.

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Besides, I bought a Bluetooth keyboard, heartache since I bought it before discovering the same model being sold at the Atrium Fair at $3 less. I have not found that perfect laptop that is travel weight friendly. Including price friendly on my wallet. Acer Swift 5 was the closest but I had my debts to pay off first. I have held buying anything that cost too much. As of now, Swift 5 now costs more due to the upgraded hardware.

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I have also cancelled the useless and scary credit cards because I have to control my spending habits. That bag is just so tempting, if you know what I mean. I’m looking forward to the year and always praying for good bosses or else, I have to outlast them.

Still appreciating my boss because we work together like clockwork now. I shall have to watch my steps in ensuring that my duties are carried out effectively. This time, I have to plan my leaves carefully so that I can actually go on a holiday.

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