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I have an obsession with toys and they must meet my criteria. For some toys, they cannot be in figurine forms. One of that toy is Totoro. For some reason, I don’t find it appealing when it is in figurine form.

For movable limbs, my favourite is Baymax that I bought in Hong Kong years back. I just had to buy it and finally bought it back then. My best decision. Ever. It’s now my personal collection and no one is allowed to touch it.

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When Wall E came out, I was loving that movie of sorts. The deep meaning behind that movie is awesome and I loved it. Then, the toys came out. At that point, I was so much into movable parts of the limbs and this was just right. It has Wall-e and Eve.
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I’m also in love with Kiki’s Delivery Service. That cat. Even though that cat was smart mouth in the movie, I love it. This one will be with me because it is hooked onto my bag.

I have a few more toys to dig out and use them for photoshoots. These will take their time.

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