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Now that the National Steps Challenge is over, I have been thinking about buying a better tracker for myself. Or even a stylish watch is good enough.

It’s about the straps. I love nice looking straps. Who doesn’t? What’s so good about this Fitbit strap? It is adjustable. No holes for me to fiddle with and be clumsy about it.

Hope Fashion
Replaceable Stainless Steel Metal Watch Band Strap For Fitbit Charge 2 – Silver

If you are using the more affordable step tracker, this strap is just for you. Frankly speaking, the version 3 of the Xiaomi Mi Band is quite good.
Direct Asia Insurance
Replacement Watch Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Carbon Fiber Buckle Strap – Blue

I love analogue watches because I am more able to tell how much time I have left to reach a certain place, like work.

W5308 Men’s Casual Business Analog Wrist Watch Quartz Movement Stainless Steel – White Strap + Red Dial

With End Game being all the rage right now, I am guessing, Captain America’s shield is a good design for watch faces.

Willis Unisex Watch Water-resistant With Star Pattern Wrist Watch Size M – White

For those who tell time better with digital displays, fear not, here is one that will keep you on track. I like that it has analogue and digital displays.

SKMEI 1155 Men’s LED Digital Quartz Watch Double Movement Waterproof Dual Time Day Alarm Light Silicone Band – Red

How do you tell your time? Using the mobile phone or a watch that shows instantly?

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  1. The fact that I can easily change the band to one of a different color or pattern, or change to a different style of band, makes this watch very customizable to your mood or what you are wearing for the day. I will say that this watch IS a unisex watch as the face is a bit larger than most women’s watches have. I took some measurements of the watch that I felt were missing in the description.

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