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With Chinese New Year coming, I’m getting ready for my outfit.

I have a thing for jeans and this High-Rise Dark Jeans fits my style perfectly.

Hope Fashion
Direct Asia Insurance

I like long sleeves but the heat that comes with it when the weather is too hot is unbearable. However, I’m so happy to have found this
Gia Ruffled Cold-Shoulder Blouse.

I’ve always carried around a bag whenever I go out. This 1941 Glovetanned Leather Saddle Bag is just right for me.

A good pair of sandals that matches my outfit would be this red Studded Suede Sandals.

My favourite accessory would be a bracelet. Wearing Crystal Pave Twist Bangle Bracelet would be an elegant match.

How would you set up your outfit for CNY?

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