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I have always loved tiny games and I would love miniatures to be placed on my desk.

I used to play Foosball. Probably one of the games where I will actually shout and disturb the rest of the neighbours if I were to have it at home. Gotta have this Typo – Desktop Foozball – Multi somehow.

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Someone introduced to me how to play the pool many years back. It would be good to have a Typo – Desktop Pool – Desktop pool at home since playing pool can cost a lot these days.

I don’t know about you but sometimes, shooting the hoop can be satisfactory since the ball does go into the hoop for Typo – Desktop Basketball Circle – Multi. Goal!

Since rugby is a contact game, I guess this Typo – Desktop Flip Game – Rugby will do. I won’t get my bones jarred.

It doesn’t hurt to get a this either. A Typo – Large Led Desktop Pool – Multi at home sure beats bending over the tiny version.

How would you decorate your desk?

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