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I have been following The Smart Local for quite some time now and I have loving these posts about lifestyle and money. Extra cash is always welcome. Thank you, The Smart Local.

  1. 10 Ad-hoc Jobs – Even when you have a so called 9-5 routine for work, these can help with the extra money. I love shopping, who doesn’t?
  2. 6 Platforms to Earn While in School – There wasn’t much back when I was studying. Or I didn’t know the right places except giving tuition.
  3. 10 Themed Subscription Boxes – OMG! I didn’t know that there are so many themed subscriptions to those awesome boxes!
  4. Grow Your Herbs – I love to grow stuff in my home. Provided there is space for me to put all those herbs and vegetables that I want to grow. Probably a roomful and that would mean no space for me to store my stuff and I would need to clean up the soil and dead leaves.
  5. 13 Decoration for Industrial Home Look – All the items are from Taobao! The items are meant to give the home an industrial look and the expenditure can be under $20, provided I don’t go overboard with choosing all that I fancy.

There you go, my current favourite posts from The Smart Local.

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