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Vampire in Love (Japanese)

This is a new one for me since I haven’t been watching any movies for a long time. This movie, Vampire in Love (Koisuru  Vampire), is mostly in Japanese although, there is a cameo from Ekin Cheng (Hong Kong), Choi Jin-Hyuk (South Korea) and Summer Meng (Taiwan). I gotta hats off to the female lead, Mirei Kiritani as she spoke in Mandarin in some parts of the movie.

This movie is about a young female vampire born in Taiwan to a human father and vampire mother. Her name was Kiira. Kiira was loved by her parents and her maternal grandfather. They lived in a harmonious lifestyle till the night her parents were killed by another vampire. This vampire was Derek (Ekin Cheng) and he wanted Kiira. Her grandfather took her away from Taiwan and they lived in Japan from then on. This also made Kiira lost contact with Tetsu, a boy whom she had made friends with.

I must admit, this plot is rather typical and ultimately, Kiira met up with Tetsu again. Some may say that it is a rather weak plot. It was the rare time when I don’t fast forward the Youtube video too. I guess I quite like how it wasn’t that cringe-worthy style from Taiwan movies. Vampire in Love is basically a light-hearted romance between a vampire and a human kind of movie. Expecting more out of it is too much since it would destroy the pace.

This movie was shown in Japan in 2015. Thus, not a really recent movie in that sense. I have no idea if it was shown in other countries in the end. Glad to have found it. Just no idea how long before anyone complains about the copyright in Youtube later. Catch it if you want to.