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The years of Covid had brought forth the rise of cybersecurity while we worked from home. I am obsessed with ensuring that my devices are protected and at least some form of firewall is in place to protect my data.

There may be times when we accidentally deleted and emptied the Recycle Bin in Windows for example. This is when a software that allows us to try to recover the deleted data comes into place.

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Before we even want to worry about cleaning up malware, we ought to protect ourselves first. Defending our systems so that we are alerted to potential problems. Nobody wants to be spending time worrying if our credentials have been compromised.
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We will always have to worry about viruses. Let’s give our devices the love that they ought to have. Protect ourselves.

As much as we want to recover our data, there are times when the devices are no longer working and we want to make sure that we can erase the data in the hard disks completely. This works as long as the hard disk has not totally died and rendered unbootable.

Using computers, Windows and MacOS has become part of our lives since the first PC was introduced. Initially, we were not aware that viruses for software or OS would exist until the first virus was created. Thus, IBM was the first to create antivirus software.

How would you protect yourself and your devices since viruses and malware are now targetting mobile devices because we have increased using apps such as internet banking, the motivation for stealing our money.

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