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I had a challenging year. Just because of a project that didn’t go quite well and I had to clear my leaves, things went wrong and I had to take the fall. This manager has a habit of pinning everything on me even though the whole thing was not my problem to begin with.

What hurt most was not what she did. It was what my immediate supervisor didn’t do. She was the one who took the initiative to be the one responding fast. However, that’s not how it works because acting fast and being accurate are two different things.

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Thus, after this huge case, I have thoughts of looking around for a new job again. I found one posting that I think I might fit in. I am not looking at climbing up the corporate ladder. I am looking at surviving the rest of my life. I am an average performer and perhaps the best performer on some days. I prefer to stay backstage to complete my tasks and just go home on time so that I can be with my family.
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It was churlish of the manager to say that I should think about my future. I am, I am thinking about my mental health too. You decided to drag people who have left the company and suddenly, they are the stupid ones who are not appreciating you?

Lady, you have been treating us like dirt and refusing to provide us the tools and blaming us for everything when your other staff who are reporting to you have always given us things to do at the last minute and expect magic. You dare to claim and repeated your claims that you have treated the department very well. You have no idea how far back my eyes can roll now.

You find it ok to drag people who are no longer working there into the mud by smearing their reputations? I can’t believe this kind of people are holding leadership positions. This manager is good at delegating her own job to other people so that she can find the time to drag my reputation into the mud and throw me under the bus when shit hits the fan.

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