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I have changed a few roles for years and so far, despite being happy with a trainer role, I have to evolve. I wanted to go into a junior post for cyber security but I realise that I don’t have the necessary skills that can be transferred. So, I looked at Data Scientist roles. Another dead end without the skills.

So, how do I switch to another career with my current skills? I have been looking at Learning & Development roles since. Maybe I can switch to a HR post in Learning & Development side or somewhere along that line.  Not that I am tired of technology. I might be more suitable for such a role, perhaps? Hope so because it is tiring to keep changing roles and submitting resumes to the deep dark hole.

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If not for money, I would have set up my own freelance and just do what I really want to do, read and write. No need to deal with customer service and that kind of communication where I am awkward at. Somehow, I still have difficulty in communicating with people the suitable way.
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