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So, I was scrolling through my Facebook via mobile since the algorithm does not seem to have any effect on the app version where I should see my friends’ posting more than the pages. The Next Web showed the following video and I love it. It is probably the first them where I watch an advertisement and want to buy something.

This time, it’s the AGM Mobile X2. Totally hilarious short drama that puts the points across. Apparently, we all need waterproof and shockproof phones these days. Here’s a review on the phone. What I like about this phone, aesthetic wise, it doesn’t seem to need me to buy a case for it. The rugged look reminds me of Toughbook by Panasonic.

Hope Fashion

The price is a tad on the high end; considering that this is not 802 ac Wi-Fi enabled, it’s not a strong contender since the mobile data prices in Singapore is still expensive and we may be data hungry but not that desperate to use all the data before the month is up. How I wish that we can roll over our unused data to the next month. Google Fi is still not available here so, it might be the one that I will switch over if it’s available in Singapore.
Direct Asia Insurance

Let’s see if there will be any launch for X2 Max.

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