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If I am ever successful with killing mosquitoes, I would be happy. I tend to get bitten more than any member of my family. Apparently, O+ blood types tend to get more mosquito bites. Those hateful mosquitoes! Thus, I have been buying anti mosquito patches. Bought this patch because the adhesive is quite good. The smell is long lasting. The patch works.

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I still use a spray in addition to using the patch. It pays to be vigilant. In order to ensure the kids wear the patches, I use these set of cute looking patches. I use the spray on them too.

[$1.00]Hello Kitty / Doraemon / Pooh / Stitch / Princess Mosquito Repellent Sticker Patch (24 Pcs A Box)


That way, they are also protected against the mosquitoes. For effective sprays, mosquito repellents with lemon eucalyptus are the best.

[$19.90](▼32%)[REPEL]Mosquitoes Repellent Lemon Eucalyptus/Repel 100/Citronella Candle/ Stakes. Anti-Dengue Anti-Zika!


The above is a popular brand that works very well for me. Xiaomi mosquito repellent has good ratings too. Use a powerbank to keep it working.

[$5.00](▼75%)[Xiaomi]Xiaomi Portable Mosquito Repeller Portable Mosquito Repeller Long Lasting USB Powered Last up to 28 Hours of Usage on PowerBank*


In order to keep myself safe, I am using all these as precautions. Overkill but I love using them! Which precaution would you use when you go out?

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