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There is a change in the workplace and I am in the process of converting the PowerPoint slides to Google Slides. Since I have to ensure that the kids are learning the correct methods, I have did the slides from scratch while referring to the originals that were done in MS PowerPoint.

So far, I have discovered that there are less transition and animations available in Google Slides. I have not installed any Add-ons since I have not fully explored Google Docs. There are too many to explore and I have to be selective about what I have in mind. Since I can’t possibly use all the Add-ons, it would be ridiculous to install all of them.

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Thus, for Google Docs, I have installed Doc Tools and Table of Contents. I have to create a few guide books and these tools will help me. I love using Table of Contents because it helps to sort out the sections neatly.
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Now, back to Google Slides, I like how it is easy to insert images in different forms. Not that PowerPoint doesn’t have it. It does take some time to load since it is downloading from the internet. For a start, I decided to try an Add-on that shows the progress of the slides. It doesn’t obstruct the view of the slides and just shows the bar without any numbers.

I’m going to explore what other things I can do with Slides and create a guide book on the various features of it. Let me get into the momentum first.

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