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Being Presentable as A Guest for Weddings

I’m so happy to be attending my cousin’s upcoming wedding. Although it’s a lunch course, I still want to look presentable. Weddings are the only time when I get to dress up real nice. Never mind the tons of cosmetics to be used and matching shoes. I just love to be able to dress up for weddings.

I’ve never been a fan of floral but this Chantilly Floral Printed Gown might just make me a convert. Don’t you just love how the prints are huge?

I have a soft spot for high low hems for gowns. Solid Sleeveless High-Low Gown has the not so obvious high low hem, it’s a gown, so the length is long.

I do have a love for the ruffles that are displayed as a design, Techno Cady Flutter Gown is one of them and I love how it’s used.

Oh my gosh, I love the slit of thos gown! It’s tad higher than I am comfortable with though. Still, it looks so sleek. Asymmetrical Crepe Column Gown is just so slim looking.

I love this Taffeta Cutout Gown, it’s so elegant!

Great, now I can’t decide which gown to buy for the wedding.