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DIY Stickers Maker

Recently, I paid a visit to Times Bookstore and there was this advertisement that kept repeating itself and it got my attention. When one keeps seeing the same ad over and over, one does get intrigued. It was this Xyron 3 in 1 maker. I am currently trying out bullet journaling for my things that keep running through my mind but keep slipping away. Thus, I bought a dotted spiral notebook via EZ Buy to try it out. So far, it helps me do a mind mapping of some sort. It’s how I run things through. Thus, when the ad states that stickers, magnets and laminates anything, it got my attention.

I’m one for DIY stuff. I used to make bookmarks from cutting up images from magazines; tons of magazines from those 8 Days and Young Teenager and whatnots in my younger days. A serious waste of money, according to my dear mother. Anyway, I do not like to just dump magazines into the rubbish bin just because I’ve run out of storage space. I took the chance to cut out some images, glued them onto hard cardboards that we seem to have lying around the house for eternity and use those clear plastics that were used to wrap the textbooks and punch a hole to get some ribbons through. My homemade bookmarks. On hindsight, those were rather slipshod but I gave them to my younger siblings. The reason why we have siblings? To give them stuff that we made, no matter how bad it looks.

Now, back to this Xryon 3 in 1 machine. The laminating process requires no heat. I love that. I’ve used the heated laminator at work and tend to feel apprehensive around those things because you never know when it might just overheat and the office starts to smell burnt. Your reputation is at stake there.

I saw the ad featuring the 9″ Creative Station. I’m definitely in love with this. I have so many ideas for stickers that it will cost a hand and a foot if I were to buy those stickers. Besides, I don’t use all the stickers that I bought. That reminds me, my sister and I used to store those stickers that we bought in a large plastic bag. I would use some of them for my random stuff. I have this thing for writing done random stuff in notebooks. Too many notebooks because I want them to be perfect. Even if the ink will bleed out over the years.

So, this 9″ Creative Station lets me laminate, make magnets and stickers. How cool is that? I just need to buy the refills from the permanent adhesive, repositionable adhesive, magnet and two-sided laminate refills. I can use the 5″ and 9″ refills if I bought the 9″ station. Just the station alone costs about $189. The refills cost from $89 onward. Considering the fact that I like stickers, I might as well invest in one. Just wondering how long I will upkeep the bullet journaling. Perhaps, with so many images that I want to convert to stickers, I might be buying more notebooks for my bullet journaling even if I am still waiting for my Everlast notebook to arrive.